Project Summary

Location: Ontario, Canada

Dates: June 2015 - July 2015

Contract Value: $300,000

Role: Sub Contractor

  • Dredging & Vegetation Removal

White Lake contracted with Milestone Environmental (a Canadian based firm) to provide maintenance dredging of a floodway in Ontario, Canada. White Lake performed maintenance dredging of approximately 18,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediments from the mouth of a floodway and extending up into the floodway. White Lake provided all of the dredging expertise on this project and all dredging was performed by White Lake personnel utilizing rented equipment. White Lake's in house engineers were responsible for equipping the rented equipment with real-time RTK GPS positioning system to provide the most accurate cut grade possible.


  • Transportation & Disposal

White Lake loaded dredge sediments into material scows that were then transported to shore where the material was stockpiled on-shore. Milestone Environmental was responsible for all material offloading.


  • Performance, Health and Safety

White Lake finished this on time, on budget, with with an excellent health and safety record. There were no health and safety incidents during this job.